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Cyberstalking Victims: Take Back The Internet

Rape victims, as consciousness was being raised have frequently staged what are know as Take Back The Night marches where they engage in a public demonstration to show their perpetrators that they will no longer allow themselves to be intimidated by them.

This blog is the cyber equivalent of Take Back The Night Marches. Victims of Cyber Abuse need to do, in essence, the same thing. The appropriate forum for this activism is where the abuse has occurred: On the internet. Posting is a valid form of activism.  Take Back The Internet and not allow ourselves to be intimidated or silenced from posting by disturbed, obsessed individuals who are intent on ruining their reputations and lives.

I hereby invite anyone else who has been a victim of cyber abuse, cyberstalking, cyber bullying or whatever you want to call it, to join me in taking back the internet. Start a blog. Start a Google Group. Put up a website. Raise people’s consciousness so they can learn about this phenomenon and stop blaming the victims and put the focus squarely where it belongs: on the perpetrators.

Cyberstalkers and bullies would like nothing better than to see the victim crawl away and silently endure the abuse. As the Take Back The Night organizers say, let’s shatter the silence.

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