Refutation of the disinformation about Monica Pignotti

About Monica Pignotti: The Truth

The purpose of this blog is to bear witness to the ongoing internet smear campaign that has been occurring against me and others and to refute and correct the widespread lies and misinformation that exists on the internet about  me (Monica Pignotti).

This blog can be thought of as a journal that keeps an ongoing record of what is occurring. Given that more and more people are becoming victims of internet smear campaigns, this may have some value for anyone who wishes to study and gain insight into the behavior of cyber smear campaigners.

The false, misleading and often defamatory internet postings are  perpetrated by vindictive individuals who are upset because I have challenged practices with children done in the name of therapy, that I consider to be dangerous. For details about my concerns see my other blog, Potentially Harmful and Other Questionable Therapies . The mental health profession is at a crossroads. We can decide to give our power over to therapy gurus and their followers who cannot tolerate any kind of challenge to their dogmatic assertions in the name of “professionalism” or we can think critically about such approaches and the material that comes up on Google searches. I believe it to be in the best interest of mental health consumers to do the latter and that currently one of the best venues to accomplish this is via the internet.

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