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Help Requested: LEGAL ways to bring Monica Pignotti’s Anonymous Cyber Harassers and Defamers to Justice

I’m open for any suggestions or help anyone can offer me WITHIN THE LEGAL LIMITS OF THE LAW, of course. The lies about me being spread on the internet are getting more and more outrageous, the latest lie being that I have been criminally charged and arrested for cyber harassment, when, in fact, I am the one who is being cyber harassed and I have not been charged with any crime or arrested for anything. Since their all too obvious lies about my arrest (which NEVER happened) have been exposed, they are now backpedaling by making vague innuendos that I am “under investigation” when again, they have not produced any evidence that such an investigation by any recognized legal body is occurring. Although cranks may have attempted to file baseless complaints against me, law enforcement is all too familiar with that sort of crackpot complaint that has no valid evidence, which would be disregarded.

If anyone can offer me any help in identifying the anonymous people who are doing this to me, I would greatly appreciate it.

I am only looking for solutions to this that are completely legal and am not wiling to involve myself in anything even remotely illegal, as any background check will show that my record is squeaky clean and I intend for it to stay that way. The malicious lies being spread about me online are clearly libelous and defamatory. All that is missing is the means to identify the anonymous individual(s) who are doing this. Again, I am only interested in legal ways of doing this from people who are willing to disclose to me their identity.

To point out the obvious, I post using my own name and give my opinions, completely openly and honestly. My cyber abusers and libelers, on the other hand, choose to be anonymous when they post malicious lies about me and attempt to flip things to make me look like the bad person. It should be quite obvious to anyone with even a modicum of decency and making an honest inquiry into the matter, who is doing something wrong here.  I therefore ask anyone who cares about the future of the mental health profession to please help me make a stand for what is right. I’m not asking people to be unselfish and do it for me, I’m asking people to do it for themselves and the profession, to save it from rule by cyber thugs. Today it’s me, but tomorrow it may be you, if you are someone who takes the kind of stands I take. The mental health profession really needs to come together and take a stand against cyber thugs, who when criticized, attempt to silence people, either by malicious internet smear campaigns or by baseless lawsuits. Enough is enough.

To sum up: Monica Pignotti has not been arrested or charged with anything and is not “under investigation” by any legitimate body of the law. An entire series of entirely fictitious postings have been anonymously posted, the latest lie being that I am involved in a plea bargain in Florida when in fact, there is no need for any plea bargain because I have never been arrested or charged with anything whatsoever in any state.  That’s why the only place they dare post this is on the completely unregulated usenet. The only problem I have is that because I have done the right thing and spoken out about what in my opinion are potentially harmful interventions for children, I have become a victim of cyber libel, cyber defamation and cyber harassment.

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