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Debunking the Myth that I (Monica Pignotti) spend my “whole life” on the Internet

It has been asserted by those other WordPress bloggers and elsewhere that I spend my “whole life” on the internet or even that I have an “all time record”. Hardly. Even in the months where I recorded over 100 postings, that’s about 3 postings a day, hardly a record of any kind.

Internet postings and discussions are a sort of hobby for me and yes, I enjoy vigorous discussion and debate on actual topics (as opposed to personal smears some have leveled at me for disagreeing with them) and sometimes I do get into it with people. However, I most certainly do not spend my “whole life” on the internet as I actually work a minimum of 8 hours per day, sometimes much more and it is impossible for me to work and post at the same time (I am paid for product, not time, so no one can accuse me of using my job time to post because if that were the case I would not get paid). And no, contrary to malicious lies that have been posted about me, I am not working in an adult bookstore or in anything even remotely related to the sex industry.

During the time period of some of the postings that have been referred to (e.g. 2008), I was a full time student who never made anything less than an A- in any class I took and also had several articles accepted by peer review journals which take much time to produce, so I could hardly be spending my “whole life” on the internet. Since graduation, I have published several more articles, book chapters and co-authored a book. Again, these are projects I could not have accomplished, had I really been spending all my time on the internet.

I’m just a very fast typist and can knock off a post of a few hundred words in a few minutes that might take some people without my typing skills much longer.

The postings that attempt to portray me as someone who spends my “whole life” on the internet are yet another misportrayal of my life, by those who are unhappy with my criticism of certain therapy gurus who will grasp at any straw to attempt to discredit me.

The real issue here is that there are some people who are so upset by my criticism and expression of concerns about harmful practices carried out in the name of “therapy” that they just cannot stand vigorous debate where anything is seriously challenged, hence the need to personally attack me as an “internet addict” who spends my “whole life” on the internet. Attempts to label critics as having mental disturbances is nothing new. Totalitarian dictatorships have been doing that for centuries, but thankfully I live in a free country where they are powerless to use government force against me. Hence, the all too obvious attempts to denigrate anyone who dares to challenge.

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