Refutation of the disinformation about Monica Pignotti

Comments on: "Prediction Comes True: Birds of a Feather Flock Together by Hitting Below the Belt" (3)

  1. Hey Monica,

    Regarding Knapp’s blog you state, “aptly entitled “Reckless Speculation“.”

    I had a similar thought a few days ago, especially after I read Knapp’s motel room scenario.

    It was quite a jolt (understatement) to discover all the internet hoopla after I got home from a three-day backpacking trip. What a contrast to the experience of the mountains and largeness of life.

    I’m sure I’ll have more to share as time goes on. I had an interesting discussion with the psychologist this past week who has witnessed the unfolding of events in the past year. I simply shake my head in almost unbelief.

    Thank you Monica for speaking up in my behalf.


    • Carol, I can only imagine what a jolt it must have been to return to all this. I have, of course, been following your blog as well and see that you have stated that Knapp’s motel room scenario is an outright fabrication and I believe you. There is nothing either of us has done that even remotely fits the definition of stalking or harassment. When I saw all he had posted and on his website that is the website of a non-profit organization that is supposed to be about healing from cultic abuse, no less, I was stunned as well. I have dealt with a number of controversial mental health professionals including one who tried to sue me and lost, but quite frankly, I have never seen anything like this. It is still very difficult for me to wrap my mind around what he had done with what are in my opinion, his highly inappropriate postings. I just can’t imagine any circumstance that would make what he did okay. Again, I acknowledge your courage in coming forward with all this.

  2. AcultSurvivor said:

    Monica, thanks for posting this!

    I agree that the personal attacks made by John Knapp on the CHSCA website are hurtful & abusive. Supposedly the CHSCA is about helping & healing those who have experienced cultic abuse, but those comments were so hurtful & abusive…that was just wrong.

    Just letting you know, I’m for you guys.
    All the best to you.

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